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We specialise in providing Sky viewing cards to customers living and working in Russia.

Our Sky subscription service is available to anyone who wishes to view
Sky digital TV, with one of our Sky viewing cards in Russia.

We arrange everything for you from ordering to activation.

To watch Sky digital in Russia you must have a Sky viewing card and
a digital receiver
. Our Sky viewing cards subscription service is 100% secure,
professional and extremely efficient. Our years of experience providing this
Sky viewing card service means you too could become one of our many
satisfied customers.

When using our service
You don't need a phone line!
You don't need a UK bank account!
You don't need a UK address!

Why can't I subscribe to Sky directly?

Due to the licensing arrangements between Sky and the various film
companies, Sky viewing cards can only be issued to by residents of the
UK and Ireland.

Residents of other European countries need to subscribe through us, we
will then arrange the viewing card including the contract and UK address.
We are Eastern Europe's premier dealer for domestic and commercial
customers and offer a one stop shop to customers that require a Sky
subscription, sky viewing cards. We supply Sky cards to Hotels, Clubs,
bars, embassies and individuals.

We arrange the UK address and Sky contract for you. You do not have
to sign any complicated forms from Sky. We then activate your card in
your decoder and ship to you (If you already have a box then we send the
activation signals to your box and card). We are available by email for any
support issues.

You must NEVER call Sky again!!